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Vapour /Aqua Blasting…

Vapour /Aqua Blasting is a non-aggressive cleaning process which only removes the dirt, contamination and corrosion, while simultaneously achieving cosmetic enhancement.

Vapour Blasting will not contaminate by embedding blast media onto the surface as traditional sandblasting techniques.
The fine spherical glass bead used within the system is mixed with water to and is accelerated at the component with the addition of compressed air at relatively LOW pressure.
The water cushions and lubricates the beads on impact allowing very fine finishes to be produced.  The result is an attractive satin finish which is very easy to keep clean and will usually not show finger marks when handled.
It is most effective when used for non-ferrous metals such as cast aluminium, brass, magnesium and copper, and will not damage these materials as traditional dry blasting methods can.
Vapour Blasting is also known as Hydro Blasting, Aqua Blasting and Wet Bead Blasting.

How does Aqua Blast cleaning work.

Fine glass bead delivered to the surface encapsulated in water under high-pressure. This has the dual advantage of lowering media breakdown rates and preventing impregnation of foreign materials into the surface. Hence, surfaces after wet blasting are extremely clean, there is no embedded secondary contamination from the media or from previous blasting processes, and there is no static cling of dust to the blasted surface. Subsequent coating or bonding operations are always better after wet blasting than dry blasting because of the cleanliness levels achieved. The lack of surface re-contamination also allows the use of single equipment for multiple blasting operations.
Should your parts be badly corroded or suffer from deep black staining then we would recommend a dry bead blast first this helps with a far more satisfying finish.
Painted parts are first chemically dipped to remove old paintwork (by water base paint remover) washed off and then aqua blasted cleaned. Parts washed and cleaned. Finally, high-pressure air is blown through the work to remove any media left behind. Carbs should be stripped down before delivery.

What you need to do…

Remove heavy oil and grease contamination from the parts.

Remove all bearings.

Parts as nylon, plastic, or baffle plates where media material may stay trapped should be removed.

Aqua Blasting costs:

On average, our costs are lower than others offering the same service as we charge an hourly rate, by doing this way you don’t pay pre determined charges. On average this is a cost effective and fair way for both parties.

New ceramic Alloy Coating Protection after cleaning.

Ideal protection coat for protecting newly aqua/bead blast cleaned items to keep the luster with long term protection.

Ceramic Clear coats provide a durable, protective finish on polished or blasted steel, aluminum, brass or other metal surfaces against rust, corrosion, and dulling. Our clear coats are an effective barrier against vapor and moisture, preventing penetration of water and salts to the bare metal surface. Since Cerakote Clear coats are perfectly transparent and colorless, as well as chemically resistant to a wide range of materials, polished metal surfaces stay bright through exposure in the harshest of environments.
You’ll find Ceramic Clear coating on everything from furniture fixtures, display components, door handles, lighting fixtures and metal trim to marine boating components, aviation controls, and car wheels. Almost anything made with polished aluminum, stainless steel or raw metals can be protected.

After aqua/vapour blast cleaning why not protect your investment by having a clear ceramic coat applied, this offers long term protection and keeps the items looking bright and clean. 

Aqua blast cleaning offers brilliant results.

Bring back that new factory look by aqua blast cleaning or sometimes known as vapour blasting. Effective and very gentle on all types of components.

A little bit of Aqua/vapour blasting from our new machine.

Nice & clean. Aqua/vapour blast cleaned…

New Alloy Coating Protection

Ideal coat for protecting newly aqua/bead blast cleaned items to keep the luster and brilliant long term protection.
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