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The strongest clear coat on the market. It leads the industry in hardness, chemical resistance, wear performance and UV stability. As a high gloss, ceramic clear coating, MC-160 can be used as a topcoat over several materials such as metals, paints, composites, plastics, hydro graphics.
Performance & recommend the use of MC160.
All metal types including
Polished metals
Hydro graphics
Composites & Fiberglass
Thermal Stability to 1100F (593 cent)

New Ceramic Coated Parts

Ceramic coating offers long-lasting protection, along with a pleasing finish. Contact CTC Powder Coating for more information.

Attention To Detail & Correct Prep Work

Our skilled & experienced staff carry out thorough prep work and attention to fine details to ensure a great finished job.

Metallisation’s Durable Non-slip Coating

This 28E ARCTEC coating provides a durable, non-slip, anti-corrosion coating. Contact CTC Powder Coatings for more information.

Still going strong. Powder Coated Dawes bicycle frame

Great to see some of the older pedal bike names still going strong.
Powder Coated Dawes bicycle frame

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?
This list provides a simple outline that explains how the ceramic coating process can help your parts perform better and last longer all while maintaining a showroom finish….

Cerakote H Series coatings

Cerakote H Series coatings are extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, and provide unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion…

Powder coated bicycle finished in RAL5018 gloss blue

We offer a wide range of standard RAL powder coat colours, this example of a newly refurbished powder coated bicycle frame is finished in RAL5018 gloss blue…

Powder coated Honda cam cover

This Honda cam cover powder coated in Illusion blue with a fools penny gold top…

Powder coating & ceramic work this beautiful Kawasaki GP750

Our thanks to Jap Retro. All powder coating & ceramic work carried out on this beautiful Kawasaki GP750 by MSB

Carbon fibre forks 2 pack clear coat over decals

Carbon fibre forks 2 pack clear coat over decals – by Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating Ltd