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Powder Coating – Good Advice

I just felt that this should be made public. The level of cowboy-ism within the powder coating industry never ceases to amaze and astound us at MSB. The frame was powder coated by a firm in north Essex.

There has been no preparation to the frame other than probably a quick clean with a cloth. Powder has been applied directly on the the old paint surface. Adding insult to injury he was charged £80.00 for the privilege some 18 months ago. It goes without saying he won’t be returning to Dodge City again.

The old adage in this life is You get what you pay for cheap is never cheap it’s costly in the long term. Bet this lot had no intention of offering any guarantee.

Please don’t ask who they were as it could lead to some uncomfortable rebounds.

How Not To Powder Coat

This is how not to powder coat, these parts came in today from County quads for us to put right, The owner of the quad bike took them to a chap who said he can powder coat, he also rebuilds quad bikes too. (you know who you are ). Probably has one of this silly home kits that are worse than useless. In future leave it to coaters that know what they are doing, by the way where is the primer coat!. Bloody cowboys. If you want a quad serviced rebuilt County Quads are the boys to speak to.

Poor Welding..

This is why we check each and every motorcycle frame that comes into us. We might be a little more expensive than some out there but we take your safety and our work very seriously. This was found after a third party brazed the lug next to the damage. Scary to say the least. Just think if this wasn’t picked up by another coater. This bike is being rebuilt for racing. Price is not the be all and end all.

Powder Coating – Good Advice

“Make two lists of parts, with photographs, all work is booked in on our computer system, and you will be given a copy of the work sheet and a works order number.

All prep work is carried out by us from blanking of threads and protection of parts that need to be free of paints. We do ask though to remove bearings & bushes where possible.

The majority of grease & oils should be cleaned off before we receive the work.
In the case of oil in frames all inlet & outlets should be protected to stop any ingress of grits during the blasting process, this also includes oil tanks.

All oil should be flushed out and left clean before reaching us.

Use this worksheet to check that you have everything back. – This is very important when small parts are involved.
When you come along to pick your parts up, it may help to bring with you a few boxes and protective blankets or towels. Although our finished work is normally wrapped but it never hurts to always have that bit of protection when you most need it!

Before taking your parts away, you will be welcome to check all parts before leaving, and if for any reason you are not happy with the work we will without question re-work the part or parts.

In doubt about the finish and colour, we have a range of colour samples & cards at our showroom, we would be happy to run off a colour sample for you (subject to stock).

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