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Marine Powder Coating

Plascoat PPA 571 has proved to be the coating of choice for over 300 kilometres of fencing poles that stretch across the desert of Dubai. Two lengths of two metre high fencing stretching 160 kilometres across the desert have been erected to provide protection for buries gas pipes against damage from vehicles and other passing traffic.

PPA 571 is widely specified in the Middle East due to the demanding environment. Coatings have to withstand extreme fluctuations between heat and cold as well as high humidity and desert condition sandstorms. Polyester, galvanised and PVC coatings do not survive for long in these conditions and require frequent replacement. One of the earliest fences to be coated in PPA 571 was constructed in 2000 in Dubai. In 2009, it had shown no evidence of corrosion whatsoever. The PVC coating nearby has already deteriorated.

Marine Powder Coating Interpon 3 Layer System PZ770 – BPP330
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Powder coating is the best way to protect marine parts and boat fixtures from saltwater corrosion. The basic elements of air, water, sunshine, and salt are all extremely corrosive to metals in any marine environment.

Using powder coating to protect your aluminium, stainless steel, and other metal boat parts offers a superior durable finish.

The strength of a powder coated metal finish will protect your boat and marine fixtures in all kinds of weather. Powder coated surfaces are extremely easy to maintain, as well.

Clear coating any marine brasswork or copper fittings means you can preserve their shine and lustre of your boat’s metals for much longer without constant buffing and polishing. Powder coating can also be used to colour rails and match other boat parts in various color shades and hues.

There are many marine parts & boat fixtures that will benefit from powder coating, including the following:

· Bow & Navigation Light Housings

· Antenna Mounts

· Outriggers

· Hand Rails, Bow Rails & Cleats

· T-tops, aluminium tops, Bimini top frames, Towers

· Pedestal Chair Mounts & Steering Wheels

· Radar Arches

· Out drives, Trim Tabs,

· Boat Anchors, Anchor Rollers & Pulpits

· Fishing Rod Holders

· Fuel & Water Deck Caps, Drains

· All Brass work, copper, aluminium, & stainless steel fixtures and more …

A small investment in powder coating will increase the value of the major investment you have made in your boat, yacht, trawler, or other marine vessel. Preserving your boat’s metal fixtures will help preserve the value of your boat for years to come.

Interpon PZ 770 + Interpon BPP 330 system is dedicated to very high corrosive environment.

It is a three layer system including : a zinc rich primer Interpon PZ 770 as first layer a barrier protective primer Interpon BPP 330 as second layer a polyester topcoat or an hybrid topcoat for Iinterior exposure.

The Interpon PZ 770 + Interpon BPP 330 system combines all the benefits of the cathodic protection of Interpon PZ 770 with the high barrier effect of Interpon BPP 330.

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Low Fouling Rate of PPA 571
Plascoat PPA 571
Provides little or no ‘anchor’ for plants, fungus or sea creatures.
Provides little or no food for plants or animals.
Is not easy for spores and eggs to stick to.
The rate of growth of algae, mildew, seaweed and barnacles is slower than many other coatings.

Ideal for Marine applications as Out board motors or any metal parts exposed to sea/fresh water environments.

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