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Interpon – AkzoNobel – Anti-Corrosion Primers for Steel

Powder Coating Anticorrosion Primers for Steel

Atmospheric Corrosion on Steel
What is corrosion?
Corrosion is the deterioration of a material due to chemical or electrochemical reaction resulting from exposure to severe weather, due to humidity, to chemical products or to other agents present in the environment in which the material is located. This is simply a case of a metal in the process of naturally returning to its oxide condition.
Analysis of rust
There is no standard for visual assessment of rust. In general, laboratories conduct a more or less subjective assessment, such as the following one:

Active Protective Primer
Interpon APP 120
Protection by passivation of steel
Powder coatings make it possible to delay the infiltration of corrosion underneath the coating, using corrosion-inhibiting pigments which have the capacity for passivating the steel substrate.
This technology is used to slow down the rate of reaction with the water/oxygen mix, or to neutralise the acid ions caused by humidity.
Areas of use
• Components with machined edges produced by stamping, shearing, sawing
or drilling, or by thermal cutting. The expected levels of protection can be
achieved only by careful compliance to levels of preparation P1/P2/P3 according to ISO 8501-3,
• Agriculture equipment,
• Metal frameworks,
• Steel artworks (please consult us),
• Guard-rails,
• Public lighting systems,
• Shutters.
Characteristics and advantages
• Excellent edge coverage after surface pre-treatment with a suitable level
of preparation,
• Primer can be available in specific colors (on request),
• Can be used as a holding primer,
• Good anti-corrosion performance especially where passivation is used as
a pre-treatment,
• Can be coated with Cromadex liquid paints 1K or 2K PU types, as an alternative to Interpon powder coatings

Protection by barrier effect
The purpose of this technique is to isolate steel from its environment by protecting it with a water-proof, air-proof covering such as an enamel, a coat of paint, a plastic coating etc.
This is referred to as barrier effect protection.
Oxygen and other corrosive agents are prevented from making direct contact with the steel, and consequently no corrosion can form.
Areas of use
• Fixed components that are subjected to low humidity
• Items of industrial equipment
• Garden furniture, street furniture
• Signboards
• Gas bottles and tanks
• Guard-rails
Characteristics and advantages
• Excellent adhesion to steel substrate
• Excellent anti-corrosive properties
• Very wide curing range (refer technical data sheet)
• Good resistance to chemical attack
• Can be used as a holding primer for one week maximum
• Can be overcoated with Cromadex PU 1K or 2K type liquid paint as an alternative to Interpon power coating

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