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Crackle Effect Powder Coat

A pleasing finish and a close match to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus cam covers, we hold in stock 2 basic colour’s in red, black,white and dark grey with further colour choices available  that can be purchased on the client’s request.

This coating is far better than any aerosol sprays.

Powder Coated CRACKLE System

At last a powder coated CRACKLE system for Dash Boards, Cam Covers Plenum Chambers & Engine Parts.

No more rattle cans giving an uneven or inconsistent finish.
Available from stock. In Ferrari Red or Black.

All in Crackle black finish

Crackle black finish

Crackle Red Engine Parts

Crackle Red Farrari Cam Covers Parts

Crinkle Effect Powdercoat Black

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