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Hot Arc Wire aluminium Plasma coating.

Hotwire coating is a wire-arc spray that is formulated for very high temperatures. This rugged coating protects substrates up to 800 Celsius, heat levels encountered in certain racing and Off-road applications. This coating also protects against thermal fatigue, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and metal fatigue on components in the harshest conditions.

By preventing these damaging elements you increase the life of your parts many times over. This coating is highly recommended for exhaust components seeing high amounts of heat as turbo housings and turbo manifolds.

Although this product will withstand higher temperatures, it’s not as effective coating insulator at lower temperatures.

Alloy coating has a semi-rough texture. Furthermore, it has the capability of sealing small pinholes & also helps to disguise smaller corrosion Pitts left behind after blast cleaning.


Can be coated with a ceramic colour finish.

Turbine Housings (Highly recommended)

Turbo Headers/manifolds (Highly recommended)

Supercharged engine exhaust (Highly recommended)

Any exhaust application where extreme heat is being seen: (Off-road racing, turbo applications, extreme racing) This coating is highly recommended for steel or cast iron manifolds/exhaust parts inc turbo housings.

It stops rust creep through to the surface and will stay looking great for many years to come.

Helps to reduce heat loss by 5 to 10%

If you choose this option then we will give you a full two-year guarantee on steel & cast iron items.


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