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Hot Arc Wire aluminium Plasma coating.

The longevity and effectiveness of deteriorating manifolds or exhaust parts can be improved through thorough cleaning and the application of an advanced plasma/metal coat system. This process reduces heat radiation, safeguards against corrosion, and helps to combat metal fatigue.

The metal coating is a highly durable protection that performs exceptionally well on various substrates, even up to 800 degrees Celsius. It is particularly effective for high-performance engines that generate hotter exhaust gases, as it can lower heat loss by up to 10% under certain conditions. This coating protects against thermal fatigue, corrosion, oxidation, and metal fatigue, making it ideal for harsh conditions or simply extending the life of the parts coated.

We recommend the plasma/metal coating for exhaust components that generate high amounts of heat, such as turbo housings, manifolds, and any ferrous or non-ferrous items that require long-term protection, further items such as underbody parts, chassis, wheel arches, and some suspension parts, among others.

Exposed downpipes on motorcycles and other vehicle parts vulnerable to road grit and general road pollutants, such as salt spray, are also recommended.

Our two-year warranty covers the plasma coating option, subject to conditions after cleaning work. The alloy plasma coating has a light semi-textured finish that can help to conceal some corrosion or rust pitting left behind after blast cleaning and offer a longer life for parts. Once applied, the plasma coat can be left as a natural grey/silver finish, although we recommend a final sealer coat is applied as a ceramic or a suitable wet paint colour coat. However, it is not suitable for powder coating in some cases .Please note that the final colour coat will have a matte finsh when opting for the plasma coat

MSB offers a two-year guarantee against surface lift and corrosion on all exhaust parts with the Plasma coating system. In the unlikely event this happens, we will rework the parts free of charge without any hassle. If the single coat option is chosen without the base plasma coat, we will guarantee the work for 12 months. However, all guarantees are subject to the parts being in good condition when presented to us.

Other metal coatings cover engineering problems, such as bearing housings and anti-slip coatings.

Further information at the links below

Anti-Slip Metal Coating Service


For decorative use


For corrosion protection,

There is a variety of different coatings that you can choose from that offer wide and varied solutions to many corrosion and repair work problems.

55E 18/5 Stainless Steel.  Produces good corrosion-resistant, low-shrink, work-hardening coatings. Ideal for thicker STAINLESS coating where cracking may be a problem.

80E 18/10 Stainless Steel



78E Iron/ Chrome/Aluminium. Self-bonding alloy is especially suited to hot corrosion resistance in sulphurous atmospheres.


04E Babbitt Tin based, BABBITT. Produces dense coatings ideal for high-speed and heavy-duty bearings.


10E Aluminium Bronze. ALUMINIUM BRONZE alloy produces high tensile strength, low shrink-wear resistance, and dense coatings. Easily machinable and good for bearing housings surfaces and machine element work.


Daily transport to classics

Metal or thermal spraying is a technology that applies various coating materials to traditional iron and steel to protect them from corrosion by creating a barrier or sacrificial coating.

In the automotive industry, thermal spray coatings are often used to prevent car bodies from rusting. However, they are not commonly used for mass production due to time and economic factors. Metal spray is often used to restore and protect body panels in classic cars.

Thermal spray corrosion coatings have an advantage in the transport industry, as size is not a limitation. Several companies use metal spray coatings to apply zinc onto truck and semi-trailer chassis components.


Railway carriages, tube train wheel sets, freight wagons, and shipping containers are also commonly metal sprayed. Railway tracks are coated to prevent corrosion in harsh locations. Historical photos and case studies provide insight into the age and pedigree of this process.


There are also some more obscure applications for thermal spray coatings. For example, air conditioning radiators are commonly coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and aid in manufacturing. The same technology is used in the cooling circuits of the latest electric vehicles to keep their batteries cool.


Even manhole covers on roads can be coated with a durable, non-skid coating to prevent skidding, especially for motorbikes approaching traffic lights or in corners.


If you have a rusty component in a car, train, or truck, there is a good chance that a thermal spray coating could help. Check out the list below for some case studies and applications, and get in touch if you think we could assist you.

Two-year Guarantee.


When choosing the Plasma coating system on all exhaust parts, MSB will give a free Two-year guarantee against surface lift and/or corrosion.

Should in the unlikely advent this should happen, we will, without fuss will, rework the parts free of charge.

When choosing the single coat (without base plasma coat MSB will guarantee the work for a period one 12 months;

All guarantees will be subject to the parts being in good condition when presented to us.

The manifolds shown have been pre-treated with our plasma coat system and a further ceramic coat applied.
The advantages are as follows
1. Full two-year rework guarantee.*
2. Helps reduce further heat loss above 200c
3. Preserves & protects cast iron & mild steel items & extends serviceable life. Also can be applied to stainless steel.
4. Prevents corrosion.
5. Helps to fill corrosion pitting.
6. Will not crack or flake.
7. Can be coated in any suitable high-heat coating.
8. Offers heat reduction by up to 35% when both coats have been applied.
* Subject to the condition.
Will have a matte appearance with a slight texture finish.

Cast iron manifolds being plasma coated.
Offers long term protection and heat reduction.

Subaru Manifold Plasma coated


A ‘Plasma Treated’ cast iron manifold

Although this manifold has seen better days we have extended its life and efficiency by blast cleaning and applying our plasma coat system, this will help to reduce heat radiation and offer protection from corrosion and help with metal fatigue.

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