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Hot Arc Wire aluminium Plasma coating.

Plasma coating is a very rugged coating that will offer outstanding protection and performance on all types of substrates up to 800 Celsius, heat levels and lowers heat loss.


This coating also protects against thermal fatigue, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and metal fatigue in the harshest conditions protecting against damaging elements that will increase the life of your parts many times over.


This coating is highly recommended for exhaust components that have high amounts of heat as turbo housings, manifolds or any type of ferrous or non-ferrous items that requires long term protection as underbody parts, chassis, wheel arches, suspension parts and much more. 

Alloy plasma coating has a  light semi-rough finish that also helps to disguise some corrosion pitting left behind after blast cleaning.

Plasma coats can be applied to any alloy, cast iron, steel or stainless steel products.

Turbine Housings (Highly recommended)

• Turbo Headers/manifolds (Highly recommended)

• Supercharged engine exhaust (Highly recommended) 

• Full exhaust systems. 

  Heat shields

• Industrial items.

This coating is highly recommended for steel or cast iron manifolds/exhaust parts inc turbo housings.


It will stop rust creep through the surface and will stay looking great for many years to come.


Helps to reduce heat loss by 5 to 10% above temperatures of 200c  


After the application of plasma alloy coat, a further ceramic colour coat can be applied 


Two-year Guarantee.


If you choose this option then we will give you a full two-year guarantee on steel & cast iron items, in the unlikely event of a failure we will completely rework the item free of charge inc any carriage costs.



Extends life, of the parts coated, reduces heat radiation by up to 30% and in some cases increases performance.

Plasma coated topped off with a ceramic coat and includes a full two-year guarantee.

A ‘Plasma Treated’ cast iron manifold

Although this manifold has seen better days we have extended its life and efficiency by blast cleaning and applying our plasma coat system, this will help to reduce heat radiation and offer protection from corrosion and help with metal fatigue.

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