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Please use a suitable face mask and sanitise hands.

keep 2 mtr social distance as advised by the government.

When dropping off work or making a collection the showroom will be closed to the public we will arrange to meet you outside the building (weather permitting)
Once outside our showroom please call 01621 841100 or ring the doorbell
To avoid any contact we kindly ask you to have the following information ready with your items :
Your full details. Name, address, Tel. Number/s. email address.
A detailed list of the items & including photos of all parts printed on A4 paper also what you require as well as any extra repair work, colour/s etc.

We are not taking any cash payments at the moment to avoid any contamination risk to our staff.
If you feel unwell or show signs of any virus or cold type symptoms or have been in contact with anyone that is or has been unwell or please stay away.

We apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Saturday collections & drop-offs between 10 am to 12 noon

As we all know the UK is in lockdown, therefore, coming to see us will be breaking the law although this is your choice and will be happy to deal with you providing all safety measures are taken. Please see our Covid-19 UPDATE for further guidance.
Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed in the building for our staff safety  If dropping off please see below using the same guidance.

Deliveries (sending items to us)  can be arranged through several web sites as below, If your items are valuable we recommend that you choose the insurance option.

All the sites below  are  easy & straightforward  to use and payment to them is made by card at the checkout.

When sending please ensure you include all your return details within the box  along with a list of items & photos with clear instructions of the work & colours required and any printed copies of any emails, you have from us.

Please pack & protect your items within a strong suitable cardboard box and we will return the items in the same box.

When the items arrive we will contact you with a job number via email or a phone call. Please keep this job reference safe as we will require it for any further correspondences.

The cost of sending the items back will be charged at the same rate as the delivery company charges us. We reserve the right to use our preferred courier service. Insurance cover will be charged on at cost.

Please email or call us to let us know your items are on the way.

For smaller items with a max of 20kgs:

Larger Items:

Heavy or very large items:

Alternatively, you can arrange the collection of finished items via the above companies.

Delivery address
Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd.
Unit 2a Benbridge Industrial Estate,

Telephone: 01621 841100.
Email Us:

Our New Colour Range of High Temperature Ceramic Coatings

We now have a new “High Temperature Ceramic Coated’ colour range – Please see our sample swatches…

See Our ‘ORANGE’ series of powder coated finishes

See our ‘PEARL EFFECT’ series of Metalic & Pearlescent powder coated finishes

See our ‘Illusion Range’ of powder coated finishes

Illusion Purple is a solid dark purple. This color is a polyester solid tone powder coat and has a high gloss finish

See Our ‘Anodised Effect’ series of powder coated finishes

Lite Anodized Blue is a light anodized blue. This colour is a polyester topcoat powder coat and has a semi-gloss finish.

See Our ‘GOLD’ series of Metalic & Pearlescent powder coated finishes

Goldtastic is a brilliant gold metallic. This colour is a polyester metallic powder coat and has a semi-gloss finish. Semi-Gloss: 37-70 Gloss Units

See Our ‘NEONS & GLOW’ series of powder coated finishes

See Our ‘WRINKLE FINISHES’ series of powder coated finishes

Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating

For all your Shotblasting & Powder Coating Projects…

Vapour Blasting for engine restoration work

Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating

For all your Shotblasting & Powder Coating Projects…


Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating


At MSBPCL as well as ‘Powder Coating’ we also undertake ‘Wet Paint’ work…

Wet Paint Restoration


Special Effects & Candy Colours

For all your Shotblasting & Powder Coating Projects…

Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating

For all your Shotblasting & Powder Coating Projects…

for fine engine restoration work

Our Services

Motorcycle frame finished by MSBPCL

Motorcycle frame finished in one of our special powder coat finishes.One of the many special effect powder coats we keep in stock.Looking to stand out from the crowd then give us a call.

A superb job on this bicycle frame

‎Maldon Powder Coating done a superb job on this frame, a few years ago now, she's still looking as good.
Built back up with new forks, hollow tech crank etc etc, everything else was from new, turned out well. Craig Spencer Bowyer White

6500 colours & finishes!

Yes all available from stock or within a few days.

These bikes just keep on coming in…

These bikes just keep on coming in…

Restored Singer Sewing Machine Table…

Nice conversion, work carried out from start to finish by Maldon Shot Blasting.

Our special fx range of powder coat colours

Amazing. From one of our special fx range of powder coat colours.

Another first from Maldon Shot Blasting.

Another first from Maldon Shot Blasting. So many unusual finishes & colours. Kingsport grey with ghost clear finish. We lead with innovative & high quality finishes. Others just follow our lead. And remember our work comes with our five year anti corrosion...

A Recent Restoration by MSBPC

Restored grass track buggy. #powdercoating

Protected by a clear coat ceramic…

The strongest clear coat on the market. It leads the industry in hardness, chemical resistance, wear performance and UV stability. As a high gloss, ceramic clear coating, MC-160 can be used as a topcoat over several materials such as metals, paints, composites,...

A massive thank you, really really happy with the finish…

I wanted to share some pictures engine covers your refurbished for me earlier in the year, it’s taken a little longer than expected to complete as I ran into to some running issues with the car so last week was the first time I’ve had it all in one piece and tidy....

BBQ refurbishment 

We are now offering BBQ refurbishments.

Important Reasons why you Should Ceramic Coat Your Exhaust Headers and Turbo Parts…

See our recent projects of ‘Classic Car Bead Blasting’

Try Our Popping Powder Coated Candy Colours

Preparation for Powder Coating

Prep work being the all important part of our work….

Shot blasting is a process used to clean surfaces back to the base material.

This is an essential part preparation work, as it removes all contamination as rust and corrosion and leaves a good clean surface for applying the primary first coats of powder coat or wet paint’s.

The process usually involves a nozzle with a high-pressure airline to deliver various types of media, or shot, at the object. This is a particularly effective method for removing scale, rust, paint, and minor surface flaws from metal objects.

Depending on the equipment and the type of material used, various surface finishes or textures can also be applied to a work piece for decorative purposes, or to prep the surface for paint.


The first video shows the application of pure zinc base coat, second video shows applying pure copper coat, this finish can be part polished or antique fluids applied to give that weathered look.
In the second video also you will see a hardwood sample being coated with a copper finish and again can be sanded or polished highlighting the raised wood grain. Zinc prime coat serves as a very effective anti corrosion coat that can be used on many items inducing car chassis, body panels, bike frames etc and is happy with any type of wet primer paints..

East Anglian Bikers

Ride together, have fun and laugh lots. That’s what it’s all about….. :)) Respect each other as bikers.
See our projects and more…

Some of our recent projects…

What our customers have to say…

Cam Cover work is spot on!!

Cam Cover work is spot on!!

The cam cover was delivered back to me yesterday in perfect order. The colour and the work is spot on, so thank you very much for doing the job so quickly.  The sparkle effect is totally incredible; I've never seen anything that sparkles so much from any...

read more

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