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Vehicle Chassis – Shotblasted, Powder Coated & Refurbished by MSBPCL

Zinc metallisation coatings offer long term protection for car chassis, car panels etc…

A Daimler Dart

Chassis blast cleaned, with 2 coast Plascoat PPA571 applied, this product gives exceptional long lasting protection.

Stock car Racing kart chassis blast cleaned, anti corrosive primed and finished in Autumn black satin finish from out powder coating facility.

A few more body shells on the road to recovery…

Another kart chassis – Shotblasted and powder coated in candy red.

Another old girl needing some love.

Another chassis complete, blast cleaned, zinc primed & full gloss black

XK 140 Jaguar chassis, blast cleaned, metallized, zinc primed & satin black powder coated. Ready to head for the racing circuit.

2 door range rover

Another GT140 Tub Bead blast cleaned

Chassis Work

Daimler Chassis

Kart Chassis

Land Rover Devon -4-x-4-powder-coated

TVR chassis – TIDY

VW Body Pan -sept14

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