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Restored Vintage Cars – An overview and examples of our vintage restoration work

Attention to detail for quality Powder Coating
Work that achieves a quality finish is not as easy as it looks. Attention to detail and prep work is an absolute must, also making sure that raceways and threads are protected from the blast media and powder.
Serial/Vin numbers must be protected in the Powder Coating process.
It is very important to remove all parts/bearings from the main frame. – Why? First of all joints bearings and bushes hold oil and grease that may spoil the finished work. As oil products thin and run under hot temperatures this will spoil the work and ruin the end result, also during the blasting work, grit and dust will find a way into bearings and bushes and cause damage to the parts. We also take care to mask and protect bearing raceways and all threads before any work starts.

Make two lists of parts; with pictures if available and possible. This makes life a lot easier for all concerned and you have a complete record.

Whilst we take care to wrap all parts it would be advisable to bring along some old blankets for the trip home.
Please feel free on collection to check the quality of our work before you take it and if you are not happy we will be pleased to rework the parts and return them to you at our cost.
We have a lot of experience with car and motorcycle parts so you can be sure that the shotblasting and powder coating work is carried out to the highest standards.
Let us do all the prep, that way we are responsible for the final job. Don’t trust your parts to someone that is going to put them with a batch of commercial work as the chances are no attention to detail will be carried out.

These Classic Car bodies have been bead blasted in our workshop…

Model T Ford

Morris 8

Vintage Various

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