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Powder Coated Cam Covers

Please Note: Cam covers that have plates or filters fitted inside must be removed before handing over to us.  If parts are riverted in place we will not carry out the work unless you except the risk of trapped contamination from the cleaning process.

Further examples… fresh out of our workshop

More bling under the hood!…
Fine examples of our unique colour ranges and finishes.

A fine example…
These cam covers finished in powder coat crackle red & grey.

Some examples of our recent work…

Before & After… Looking much better…

Further workshop examples…

Another batch of cam covers from the workshop

Powder coated crackle finish.

Examples of a newly powder coated MG rocker cover…

It’s good to see our work back where it belongs. Ferrari engine & suspension parts.

Alpha cam covers

Cam Covers Various

Crinkle Powder Coat -July15

Ferrari Cam Cover

Ferrari Crinkle Powder Coat Rockercover

Work carried out for H R Owen

Fiat cam cover in wrinkle Red & Black with polished lettering…

Cam cover finished in wrinkle black. One of several colours in this range.

A few more examples of our recent work…

Rocker covers powder coated in blue.

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