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Blast Cleaning Car Body Shells

Blast cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove corrosion, fillers, and tired paintwork. Depending on the body and the materials involved, steel or alloy panel work will determine what media we recommend to the client. If the body is steel, then a standard fine-grade steel grit is the standard choice; a fine glass bead is the best option for alloy bodies. Some areas of the bodywork may not be suitable for blast cleaning, such as roofs, door panels, boot lids, and bonnets. These tend to be weaker and may distort under blasting work. Another point to keep in mind is that previous panel beating work will weaken the said panel, and distortion damage may occur.

We do not recommend acid or chemical dipping as this can have some devastating long-term effects on joints and panels that can’t be reached by applying a new protective coat.

Additionally, parts such as suspension/running gear etc, and pipe work should all be removed beforehand,

Underbody work;

Some underseals and stone chip coatings can be very problematic to remove by blast cleaning. Having said that, if any corrosion is hiding under these coats, then the blasting will find the weak areas and remove the sealer. Where it is holding firm, then there really is no need to remove it unless the client prefers to do so. This tends to take a fair amount of time and media to carry out and will reflect in the final cost.

Zinc metalistion;

This is probably the best protection available; being a 99.9% pure zinc hot coat applied with a power ark machine lays down a heavy zinc coat, offering the next best thing to hot dip galvanising without the risk of heat distortion or unwanted zinc deposit build-up.
Once applied, a further prime coat of your choice will seal in the zinc finish completely. Please be aware that the zinc finish will have a light texture; this is a great option for good adhesion to further paint coatings.

Primer work;

MSB offer two types of primer (or you can supply us with your preferred choice)

A standard grey epoxy primer is applied to all reachable parts of the shell, and a black phosphate primer has proven to be a very effective protection for long-term projects. Please see this link for further information.

Other parts;

Chassis, suspension etc. these parts are treated as separate items and would recommend the following coating after prep work

If you would like to make an inquiry or need further advice please feel free to get in touch with us


Alfa, bead blast cleaned and protected with Trimagard 19.

Few old ladies coming back to life….

MSB part sponsor for Charlie Budd. Blast cleaned body shell & Subframes & powder coated. Good luck this season Charlie.

Yet another porsche body shell on the road to restoration.

Ferrari 308GT in for blast cleaning. Panel work not the best…

Another E Type in for some investigation & blast work. This came in from the USA. Looks as though Bogit & Legit have been on the case. Nice job boys! Note the amount of filler on the bonnet, perhaps they can’t panel beat.

Ferrari Just finished by gentle bead blasting and on the way back to the client

Triumph starts its journey back to the road after being blast cleaned & primed.
Chassis blasted & 2 coats plascoat PPA 571 applied for a long and reliable rust free life.

Morris 1000

Aluminium Car Body Shell

Another Mini on the way to a new life

Austin A60 van blasted

Bead Blasting Body Shell

Car Body

Land Rover Bulk head

Land Rover Devon 4-x-4-primed

Land Rover Devon 4-x-4-primed


Nissan Body Shell

One BMW fine bead blasted


Restored Mini -dec14

Shotblasted Car Body

Triumph Spitfire

Old timer on the road to full health. Blast cleaned and black phosphate.

Viva Part bead blasted

Nissan Skyliner

Blast cleaned, applied pure zinc metallization & sealed with an epoxy primer coat.

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