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Powder Coated Motorcycle Wheels

Motorcycle Wheel Projects

Chrome silver rims & ral 3020 with diamond clear lacquer coat…

Now that’s powder coating…

Golden Wheels

Powder Coated No Wet Paint

Now that’s what I call a brilliant job. Yes powder coated no wet paint. Skill and patience required.

Red Powder Coated Wheels

Candy Red Powder Coated Wheels

White Powder Coated Wheels


For your safety and the safety of other road users.
We strongly recommend after fitting your rims on your vehicle that you torque up the wheel nuts to the recommended manufactures settings.
Also please check the torque settings once you have driven the vehicle after the first 20-40 miles or so.
Thank you.
Aftercare of your Newly powder coated items 
We are often asked what is the best way to keep your work clean & looking good.
Only use standard car shampoos & regular non-abrasive good quality wax products.
Snow foam, ensure this product is PH neutral.
Do not use any cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, abrasives, or acids inc wheel cleaner products.
Avoid spillage of fuels, brake fluids, and direct heat above 100°c

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