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Preparation and Powder Coating Motorcycle Parts

Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd provides high-quality and long-lasting work for motorcycle frames and parts. Our motto, “Do it once, do it right,” reflects our commitment to excellence. Our powder coating process is exceptionally chip-resistant and provides a durable finish over stove or wet paint finishes. While other providers may offer cheaper services, we never compromise on quality and always provide a professional service with a warranty of up to fifteen years.


We’ve found that laying down a gloss powder coat and finishing it with an acrylic crystal clear powder coat lacquer results in a finish that even purists will find hard to distinguish from stove enamelling. If you want to see samples of our work, you can visit our showroom or contact us to arrange for a small sample of your work to be done.


We take great care in preparing frames and parts for coating. Steel frames are dipped in an alkaline paint remover and then masked off sensitive areas and lightly blasted clean to remove all remaining paint and corrosion, leaving a first-class key for the primer or first coating. Aluminum or alloy frames are bead blasted, which is less aggressive than blasting, and still provides a first-class key for the primer coat. Once the blast or bead cleaning stage is completed, we visually inspect the work for damage such as cracks and broken or poorly welded joints. Any corrosion damage is repaired using high-temperature metal fillers or by carrying out welding work for the worst areas of damage. There may be an additional charge for this work (subject to agreement), but it ensures a well-prepared finish prior to the coating work.


The frame and other parts can be placed into our phosphating and wash plant for final and complete deep cleaning and additional protection against corrosion. The phosphate helps to etch into the work, providing a longer life. This is an optional extra service for which there is an additional charge. It allows us to increase our warranty term to fifteen years (subject to terms and conditions).


We then apply a self-healing epoxy-polyester primer coat at an average of 50 microns per coat, depending on the chosen level. The work is then semi-cured. We then apply the color coat of your choice and fully cure it at 180 degrees Celsius until both the primer and topcoat have fully bonded to the work. At this stage, we can apply a further clear or unique effect lacquer coat.


We can also apply a further acrylic lacquer for a deep lustre finish or indeed a matte or semi-matte finish as an optional extra.


For further pricing, please email us your list of parts, photographs, and any damage you are aware of that may require extra work. This will enable us to get a better idea of the work involved.


We offer various colours and unique finishes, including flip and pearls, special effect lacquers, candy colours, and even a glow-in-the-dark range. We can also offer any colour in two-pack or water-based automotive finishes.


Wet paints are recommended for items such as petrol tanks, mudguards, and side casings, although powder coating is also an option. Please keep in mind that E10 fuel can damage powder coat finishes. Note that fibreglass, carbon fibre, and plastic parts cannot be powder-coated but can be coated using Ceramic paints (Cerakote). We now offer Cerakote finishes for all motorcycle parts, including high-temperature exhaust systems, and clear coats to protect from fuel damage over powder coat surfaces.


For further information and pricing, please feel free to call or email us. We offer a warranty of up to fifteen years depending on the condition and optional choices. Prices start from £130.00 plus VAT.

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Motorcycle engine casings finished in V series ceramic coating.

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