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Garden Furniture

Stunning finish from our range of powder coating colours.

Black Frost

When it comes to Garden furniture, we are often told by some that it would be cheaper to buy new rather than refinish, well in some cases, this is true, however, have you wondered why they start to look tatty in the first place after a few years of purchase?
In most cases, the answer is very simple: such items are manufactured in China or India. They have little or no regard for the quality of coating or materials used or indeed how long they will last in the U.K.

They normally use cheaper powders on untreated surfaces just to make them look good at the point of sale, this will soon fade away and start to look tired and shabby after a few winters and UV sun rays during the summer, the paint fades, showing that misty look, the so-called protective surface then breaks down allowing moisture to penetrate the surface starts lifting away.  

Powder coating, when carried out, will last for many years, and you should expect a life of 20 years plus.

Nowadays, with global warming, it’s very wise and responsible to upcycle rather than buy new; yes, this may cost a little more, but the long term benefits justify and outway the little extra costs involved.

95% of the work will be backed up with our five-year guarantee against paint lift and corrosion. During this period of guarantee, should any signs appear of breakdown, we will rework them free of charge. **

The work…

They are blast cleaned and checked for any signs of cracks or damage and report back to you for further instructions and permission to make repairs.

Now they are clean & checked, we apply our formulated powder primer coat and cure them off in our ovens, then apply a colour coat and re-cure. Indeed, a clear metallic lacquer coat can be applied if prefered.

Results will depend on the condition when presented to us for work or the nature of the materials used in the making of the items, some cheaper cast alloys may suffer from outgassing, and in a few cases, we may not be able to offer a guarantee or may refuse the work so not to waste your money.**

So take the responsible approach and go green to save on greenhouse gases by not replacing them.


Ready for high tea & posh biscuits to match the posh finish.

Powder Coated Garden Furniture by Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating…

Garden table & chairs  – Finished in Rubbed Oil Bronze effect.

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