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Commercial & Trade Work

Here at Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd carry out trade work high and long lasting standard.

We are very aware that other’s offer a cheaper service, however we DO NOT cut corners and offer a professional service.

The material governs the approach we take on the first stage preparation.

Steel work will be blast cleaned where required to remove mill scale and any surface rust.

Primers and Polyester coatings.

All parts may be blast cleaned or de-greased & phosphated as standard practice and can have a self-healing AKZO NOBLE (PZ770) primer applied as an optional extra and semi cured a polyester coat then applied to the primer, this is normally done whilst the work is still hot from the fist stage, this allows better adhesion and promotes further coverage in the hard to reach places as joints and corners.

To view the data sheet for PZ770 please follow this link.

If you are on a fixed cost we will offer just a one coat system, this in it self will stand the test of time as all commercial parts are de-greased & phosphated.

For extra and very long lasting protection.

The advantages of using Plascoat over normal powder coating products are many fold, acid and salt resistant, chip proof and very flexible.

Plascoat is ideal for protection of Railing work, flat sheet steel or any other material

With a colour range, for further information please visit:-

Plascoat can have a further polyester topcoat applied to achieve another colour not available in the Plascoat range facilitating ultimate protection and the colour choice required.

Thermoplastic coatings offer a thick protective layer to the metal and are often used either to protect the underlying e-coat from chip or impact damage or to provide a “cushion” effect for parts that are in contact with each other.

Here are just some of the excellent properties of Plascoat:

  • Flexibility, can be stretched 1000% before coating fails.
  • Damage to coating can be repaired easily be repaired.
  • Significantly higher UV resistance.
  • Very low toxicity.
  • No plasticisers, chlorine or halogens.
  • Low temperature performance to -70°C.
  • Does not shrink or become brittle in hot weather.
  • Harder coating.
  • Higher impact strength
  • Higher stone chip resistance.
  • Salt & acid resistant.
  • Will not fade or peel.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your projects, or you want to know more about our processes and how we can help you.

One refurbished park bench for a local Parish Council, coated in anti graffiti powder coat finish.

Various commercial powder coated projects…

A Refurbished, Powder Coated Robotic Microscope used in drug discovery…

Fibre Trays, Racks & Cabinets for the Computer Industry

Agricultural Plant & Machinery – Powder Coated

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