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Powder Coating Push Bike Frames.

Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd carry out work on pushbike frames to a very high and long lasting standard.

Remember our motto do it once do it right. Our work will last you for many years to come, as powder coating is extremely chip resistant over stove or wet paints.

We are very aware that other’s offer a cheaper service, however, we DO NOT cut corners and offer professional service along with a five-year anti-corrosion warranty.

The frame material governs the approach we take on the first stage of preparation.

Careful preparation is key to a successful finished result.

If you know or believe any carbon fibre parts are present, please be sure to inform us, as carbon fibre is not a material that can be powder coated, although we can offer wet paint of a ceramic coating. 

1. Steel frames, dipped in an alkaline paint remover then a light blast clean to remove all remaining paintwork and any corrosion allowing for a good key for the first stage of primer coating. 

2. Aluminium or alloy frames will be bead or aqua blasted this is less aggressive over blast cleaning and yet it still gives a good key class key for the prime coat.

3. Once the blast or bead cleaning stage is completed, the work visually checked over for damage as cracks or broken weld joints. Should any problems be found we will report back to you.

4. The frame and other parts are placed into our Phosphating and wash plant for final and complete deep clean, the phosphate helps further to etch into the work and therefore will give a far longer life.

5 . Masking off, all the threads and raceways making ready for the primer coats.

6. Apply our zinc epoxy-polyester primer coat at an average of 50 microns per coat.

7. Put through the semi curing stage @130d cent.

8. Apply the colour coat of polyester powder and fully cure until both the primer & topcoat have fully bonded to the work.

Fitting of decals.

Decals can be fitted and must be supplied by the client. This will require a protective 2 pack lacquer to be applied and the costs start at £90.00 plus vat. Decals supplied must be compatible for 2 pack finish.

Here at MSB offer a range of finishes for bike frames, from powder coated special effects to standard RAL colours. We also offer a range of 2k wet paints & Cerakote for Carbon fibre parts & frames, along with fitting of decals & clear coats. Furthermore MSB have a wealth of experience that has been gained over the 25 years of trading, so you can rest assured that the work will be carried out to a high standard be it a £50.00 frame to the top end of the market frame sets.

This bike frame was powder coated in gloss black with flashy transparent topcoat.

Powder Coated Bicycle Frame

From our Illusion range of colours.


Finished in Illusion sour apple, decals fitted and clear coat gloss lacquer finish…

Cool colour, chrome base with bronze metallic finish coat…


Maldon Powder Coating done a superb job on this frame…

A few years ago now, she’s still looking as good.
Built back up with new forks, hollow tech crank etc etc, everything else was from new, turned out well.
Craig Spencer Bowyer White


Pretty pink this pink!…

Made in the USA, re coated by MSB….

Bike frame finished in Spectra purple, decals applied & wet coat lacquer finish.

New special in stock. City Lights

Looking to stand out from the crowd. Multi colour fade metallic powder coating.

So many pedal bikes coming in. Must be doing something right.

Bike frame Teal blue over chrome powder coating.

Pedal bikes in special effects – Sour Apple & Illusion orange

Dazzling Pink with a hint of silver metallic

Pedal Bike . Blueberry metallic

3 More bike frames finished from our range of special colours.

Another two completed

Various Powder Coated Bicycle Projects by Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating Ltd…

Chrome Silver Powder Coat with Diamond Clear Lacquer

Chrome, along with steel tubesets is en vogue once again and while there’s no denying its allure when gleaming seductively in the afternoon sun, electro plating remains a nasty process and one that presents all manner of headaches when refinishing. Many myths surround electroplate, the most common being that copper is employed for corrosion resistance (it is in fact, used to create an ultra smooth surface for the latter layers of super bright nickel responsible for the characteristic mirror effect).…

A Couple of BMX Frame Powder Coating Projects…

Metalic Gold Powder Coat

Orangeburst Bike

Push Bike Powder Coat Projects

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