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Definition – What does Metallizing mean?

Metallizing is a process which involves depositing a thin metallic film on the surface of non-metallic objects.

The most common processes of metalization include:

  • Galvanic metallization
  • Thermal metal spraying
  • Fire metallization
  • Diffusion metallization
  • Vacuum metallization
  • Contact metallization


Corrosionpedia explains Metallizing

Metallizing is a very common coating process which is used to improve the resistance of a material against corrosion, wear and fatigue. The metallization process is applied in many industries, such as:

  • Defence
  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar Product Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electrical

Thermal spray processes are often referred to as metallizing. Metals like zinc, aluminium, silver, etc. are used to deposit in the form of a metallic film on the base material such as plastic, glass or metal to prevent corrosion of base material.

Metallizing consists of three steps:

  • 1. The base material is prepared by abrasive blasting, metal spraying, etc. to ensure adhesion of the sprayed metal.

    2. A heat source is used to create molten particles of coating material, then an atomizer sprays this molten material onto the substrate.

    3. Upon contact, the particles flatten onto the surface, freeze and mechanically bond, firstly onto the roughened substrate and then onto each other as the coating thickness is increased. Once applied the surface can be worked for a smoother surface painted.


The metal used for deposition may be either in the form of wire or powder. When the coating material is used in powder form it is known as powder metallizing. When it is in wire form the process is called wire metallizing. Coating thickness may vary from .004″ to thicker coats in the range of .012″ – .014″.

RSJ coated with pure zinc metallisation. Black phosphate coat yet to be applied. This coating method offers extremely long term protection.

Nissan Skyliner

Blast cleaned, applied pure zinc metallization & sealed with an epoxy primer coat.

Samples of pure zinc metallisation carried out by MSB

The examples below show one plate cut back with a air sander revealing a satin finish or can be left in its out of the gun form for incredible paint adhesion.

This pure zinc coating can be used for any steel body shells, chassis work. Once applied any type of colour coating can be applied. offering outstanding corrosion protection.

When left unpainted this coating will last over 20 years exposed to all weathers. So if you are looking for ultimate anti corrosion protection then you have found it. From replacement car panels to full steel body shells. See the link above showing a Land Rover Chassis being coated and other vehicle projects we have undertaken in the past.

Metallisation of a Land Rover Chassis

Metallisation in progress on a land rover chassis. Note the fine laydown of pure molten zinc particles forming a barrier on the blast cleaned surface.

This is the next best thing to galvanised dipping without the worry of frame distortion or build up of materials in the box sections or any mounting threads.

Once complete it can be wet painted or powder coated.

Hardwood, blast cleaned, coated in zinc then copper metallisation. Something different. New project one off designer a table lamps…

A somewhat unusual approach but this is what the client requested. Blast clean & zinc metallisation. We asked if he was sure. We prefer the parts to be removed before we start on such work.

Hardwood metallation. Light blast work to raise the grain,then coated in pure copper or aluminium. Hard wearing & outstanding. Can be overcoated with clear lacquer. Other pure metal finishes available. Can be used for flooring, window frames, furniture, artwork infact any type of soft or hardwood. For samples please call.

Cast Alloy frame shown in the first three shots. Now finished in metallised pure copper coat. This can be aged with special antique fluid.

Car Tub and Chassis Metallisation

Metallisation of a Manifold

Blast Clean & Zinc Metallisation

A somewhat unusual approach but this is what the client requested… We asked if he was sure. We prefer the parts to be removed before we start on such work.

Exhaust headers Aluminium coated metallisation coating. For a long and reliable life.

For a long and reliable life. Ready to be coated in gloss black heat paint up to 800d cent. A further ceramic colour coat can be applied.

Exhaust Manifold – before & after metallisation

Oversized Bearing Housings

Here is a little trick for oversized bearing housings, This part is an alloy casting and the bearing were a very poor fit. We put our metallistion gun to work and sprayed a pure alloy metal on the surface to build up the walls. This item is now in the engineering shop being milled out to size

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