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Cerakote for Bicycle Frames & Parts

Many cyclists believe that the weight of a mountain or road bicycle is a crucial factor when purchasing one…

Cerakote® is a ceramic-based coating that is incredibly thin, measuring between .0005” to .001”. It provides an average weight reduction of two to four hundred grams compared to other paint-based coatings or powder coats.


Whether used for racing or leisure, mountain and road bikes are often subjected to harsh wear and tear. Cerakote® is a ceramic-based coating that offers unparalleled durability, hardness, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance, which protects the bike’s overall finish. Cerakote® does not chip or blister like other paint finishes and is unaffected by chemicals like road oil, tar, chain lube, and brake fluid.

Cerakote® also provides anti-rust properties that protect small mechanical parts. Its low coefficient of friction and lubricity means that there is less wear and tear on moving parts, which can significantly improve durability while providing a smoother ride. Reduced friction improves mechanical efficiency.

Both Cerakote® Elite and H-Series are suitable for bicycle frame refinishing and/or manufacturing. There are limitless possibilities for customization on frames, forks, handlebars, stems, seat posts, rims, hubs, spokes, cassettes, and other small parts.

Cerakote ceramic coated bicycle frames & parts…

Cerakote® has several properties, including its thinness, which does not inhibit the function of threads and other bicycle components. It is also durable, wear-resistant, and has a modern, distinct look and feel. Its self-lubricating properties reduce friction in moving parts. Cerakote® adheres to steel, aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre, polymers, and other surfaces. Its hydrophobic performance properties help to prevent dirt, mud, and road grime buildup, making clean-up a breeze.

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