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Finished Motorcycle Frame

Motorcycle frame finished in one of our special powder coat finishes – one of the many special effect powder coats we keep in stock. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Then give us a call!

Ceramic coated motorcycle passenger pegs

Motorcycle passenger pegs ceramic coated in satin black.

Some Recent Work…

Just a few of the projects completely recently here at Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating…

Powder Coated Bicycle Frame

Previous work – finished in Illusion sour apple, decals fitted and clear coat gloss lacquer finish.

Fabrication & Rescue Job

Another small fabrication & rescue job from the dreaded tin worm…

Powder Coated Motorbike Frame

Powder coated motorbike frame from our Illusion range – giving a beautiful, sleek finish.

Cerakote Ceramic Coatings – a Pleasing & Reliable Finish

Cerakote ceramic coatings not only reduce temperatures, they also offer good protection, along with a pleasing & reliable finish.

Protected By a Clear Coat Ceramic

Protected By a Clear Coat Ceramic

Clear coat ceramic… the strongest clear coat on the market. It leads the industry in hardness, chemical resistance, wear performance and UV stability. As a high gloss, ceramic clear coating, MC-160 can be used as a topcoat over several materials such as metals, paints and composites.

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