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Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating

For all your Shotblasting & Powder Coating Projects

6500 colours & finishes!

Yes all available from stock or within a few days.

A Recent Restoration by MSBPC

Restored grass track buggy. #powdercoating

Aqua blasting brings back that new look

Aqua blasting brings back that new look. Did you know we offer a long lasting clear ceramic coat to keep it looking great for years to come!

Another MG on the way back

A recent MG Car Body Shot Blasting Project...Busy few weeks for the blast shop! Another MG on the way back!

Our new ‘Spectra’ range

True Gold powder coating, with diamond lacquer clear coat. Another new finish in our ever growing stock range. See here for our new Spectra range

Rare Metals

Our rare metals illusion series will change the way you think of powder coating.
We have worked diligently on crafting three sought after powder coating colours Our array of rare metals will allow you to explore brand new possibilities. See More...

Preparation for Powder Coating

Prep work being the all important part of our work….

Shot blasting is a process used to clean surfaces back to the base material.

This is an essential part preparation work, as it removes all contamination as rust and corrosion and leaves a good clean surface for applying the primary first coats of powder coat or wet paint’s.

The process usually involves a nozzle with a high-pressure airline to deliver various types of media, or shot, at the object. This is a particularly effective method for removing scale, rust, paint, and minor surface flaws from metal objects.

Depending on the equipment and the type of material used, various surface finishes or textures can also be applied to a work piece for decorative purposes, or to prep the surface for paint.


The first video shows the application of pure zinc base coat, second video shows applying pure copper coat, this finish can be part polished or antique fluids applied to give that weathered look.


In the second video also you will see a hardwood sample being coated with a copper finish and again can be sanded or polished highlighting the raised wood grain. Zinc prime coat serves as a very effective anti corrosion coat that can be used on many items inducing car chassis, body panels, bike frames etc and is happy with any type of wet primer paints..

East Anglian Bikers

Ride together, have fun and laugh lots. That’s what it’s all about….. :)) Respect each other as bikers.
See our projects and more…

Cam Cover work is spot on!!

The cam cover was delivered back to me yesterday in perfect order. The colour and the work is spot on, so thank you very much for doing the job so quickly.  The sparkle effect is totally incredible; I've never seen anything that sparkles so much from any...

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